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  • A personal essay is the kind of essay incorporating a variety of writing styles. It is a broad kind of essay. Most of the assignments in personal essay writing will require writers to write about the importance of some time period, event or a person in their lives. The purpose of the essay is to narrate such an event or situation in a manner that the one reading it can fully understand.
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Step by Step Procedure for Writing A Personal Essay

  • As you start writing your personal essay, it is advisable to first of all understand the composition of an essay. For the introduction part, you need to start it using an interesting sentence which hooks the reader. If you are told to write a five-paragraph essay, then the body of your essay should have from one to three paragraphs which are focused on informing your readers about the topic you just introduced to them. Your conclusion should give a summary of your points and also state your final opinion. You can read personal statement essay examples from our website to improve your writing capacity.
  • Look for inspiration and ideas by exploring your mind and browsing the internet.
  • Freshen your grammar by taking refresher courses, reading books and other resources. English grammar is tough even to the native English speakers sometimes.
  • Make sure you use your own voice and vocabulary. This shows the reader exactly who is doing what.
  • Make use of descriptive language so as to paint the picture more clearly in your reader’s mind
  • Demonstrate consistency in your point of view as well as in the way you use tense. Our site has got a lot of personal reflection essay examples which you can access freely and use to trigger your creativity. If you still find this process tough, you can make us your companion in writing college personal essay examples on your behalf and you can have enough time to do other constructive things.

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